Australia's Islands

Updated: 5/19/2020
Australia's Islands

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  • Rottnest Island is located on Australia's West Coast. You can do many things there like going snorkeling and scuba diving and exploring the beautiful reefs. You can also go meet a Quokka. A Quokka is a is a small macropod about the size of a domestic cat. This is a great place to go swimming and going on the beach. The best way to explore the island is by riding a bike and going on the bike trails.
  • Rottnest Island
  • Magnetic Island is located off the coast of Townsville in Queensland. It is an amazing island and there is so many things to do. You can go on walking trails with great views, swim in the reef and meet a koala. There are beach front bars and every year there is a Island Life Beach Festival. The festival is in the summer and it is a bunch of fun. You should definitely go there.
  • Magnetic Island
  • Fraser Island is located on Australia's East Coast. It is the largest sand island in the world. Swimming within the lakes in the island is like paradise, but you shouldn't go swimming in the ocean because of the rough water. This island is amazing and some things that you can do there is going on walks and exploring the Eucalyptus Forest and you can go see animals called dingos. There are some tours that you can take to explore the island and they are called Tag Along 4WD tours.
  • Fraser Island
  • Lord Howe Island is close to Sydney and the only way to get to this island is by plane. There are many beautiful views and some things you can do on that island is swimming in coral pools and seeing wildlife and different animals. There is A volcanic remnant that boasts tall mountain peaks and that is where you can get the great views. There are also walking trails on the mountains.
  • Lord Howe Island
  • The Green Island is on the Great Barrier Reef and it is home to Cassius and that is the world's largest crocodile. On the Green Island you can go swim and go scuba diving in the reef and you can also go see the crocodiles. You can go on glass bottom boat tours and many other things that are super fun.
  • Green Island
  • Bruny Island is worth visiting and it is a stellar experience. There are many tourist attractions there like going to see fairy penguins and seal colonies. You can go on amazing rainforest walks and go on beach walks. On the island you can also see tower cliffs and lots of other cool things.
  • Bruny Island