Updated: 12/4/2020

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  • Smith wanted
  • ''Not exactly married to a woman who overdoes it.''pg 157
  • Smith However
  • ''Can you tell me where I can get one?''pg 159
  • ''Give the man your card Brailing two.''pg 158
  • Smith Therefore
  • ''For, without desiring to do so, he bent forward.''pg 160
  • Tick,Tick,Tick,Tick,Tick,Tick pg 161
  • His wife loves him a little too much and he wanted to have a break from her.
  • Nettie wanted
  • Why doesn't my husband love me as much as I do him.
  • Smith's friend Brailing is walking home with him and when Smith told him he wants a break from his wife he shows him the marrionette he can buy so he can have a break.
  • However Nettie
  • '' I mean, after all, when you've been married ten years, you don't expect a woman to sit on your lap for two hours every evening, call you at work twelve times a day and talk baby talk.''pg 157
  • Therefore Smith goes to buy a marrionette but realizes their is no money left and that Nettie had already bought a marrionette before him.
  • Therefore Nettie
  • Ill put her right here while I'm gone.
  • Nettie wanted her husband to love her.
  • ''Not exactly, married to a woman who overdoes it.''pg 157
  • Nettie loves her husband too much.
  • Therefore Nettie decided to buy a marrionette so she could have a break from her husband.
  • Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick pg 161
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