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Updated: 12/27/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Rav Chiah's half brother
  • House of Rav Chiah's half brother and half sister
  • Rav Chiah's half sister
  • Rav
  • Rav came to visit his uncle Rav Chiah in Israel
  • How is your father doing, is he still alive?
  • No, but I don't want to say that he is dead because of Lashon Nekiah
  • Why don't you ask me how my mother is doing
  • Okay, How is your mother (named Imma) doing, is she still alive?
  • They must both be dead, that makes me an Avel.
  • Why don't you ask me about my father.
  • No, but I have the same problem as before.
  • Please remove my shoes from me, and carry my clothes and the things I need to the bath house.
  • We learn three Halachot from this about a mourner. Torah: 1. A mourner cannot wear leather shoes. 2. if a person learns that they are an Avel after the Shiva period, they only sit for a day. 3. A part of the day is like all of it, meaning he told his servant to bring his stuff to the bath house, which means he was planning on bathing later on, which is not allowed to an Avel, so we learn as long as he has mourned for part of the day, it counts for all of it.
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