Chapter 1 golaith
Updated: 12/6/2018
Chapter 1 golaith
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  • There were rough and dangerous conditions in Ireland with the ongoing conflict between Protestants and Catholics.
  • Its no longer safe here, we need to go to Ballymurphy with other Catholics
  • Rosemary Lawlor is an Irish Catholic woman who had to flee with her family to a safer place as the conflict became violent.
  • Taigs OUT
  • The British "fell into a trap of believing that because they had resources, weapons, soldiers, and experience that dwarfed those of insurgent elements that they were trying to contain, it did not matter to them what the people of Northern Ireland thought of them."
  • They were supposed to mediate the conflict and protect each side. However, the British favored the Protestants and in example they faced the Catholics when they stood between the two at a march as if to protect the Protestants.
  • Gladwell makes a comparisson to the British's mistake to a classroom in chaos. Where the teacher is focused on reading a book with one student while the others don't pay attention and go crazy.
  • The unruly students were attributed to the teacher's error of not properly engaging them. She did not do her job properly and thus the children became disobedient.
  • Gladwell then gives an example someone in power taking the time to interact with and understand the people they are in power over with Joanne Jaffe and her program J-RIP.
  • Jaffe had to change the way that people looked at the police to continue the improvement in the reduction of crime and show people that the law could be on their side.
  • I know sometimes you can hate the police...but we really do care and want you to have a happy Thanksgiving.
  • Conflict escalates between the two groups of Irish. The situations hits an even as the British try to intervene and ended up gassing the priest.
  • AHHH
  • The violence continues as hundereds of people were arrested, many injured, and some died during the outbreak. Citizens were then forced to stay inside under a curfew, unable to leave, even to get more food.
  • Oh no look what they did to our preist!
  • Women begin to gather in the streets and shouting to get food for the children.
  • We shall overcome. We shall overcome someday.
  • Resolution when even more Irish flooded the streets, breaking curfew, and British were overwhelmed to the point of giving up.
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