decision making

Updated: 10/29/2020
decision making

Storyboard Text

  • I am so exited for the party to start !!! Thom is acting a little weird today dont you think!
  • yeah he seems nervous and suspicious
  • look your friend Macy is calling you.
  • sure
  • hi Bella!!
  • Okay i will be right back please take care of my drink
  • Look Thom is trying to put something into Bella's drink
  • OMG!!hes is trying to hurt her
  • Bella get your drink and, lets go for a ride
  • Lets try to stop them
  • sure!!
  • umm what
  • Thom what did you put in Bella's drink!!
  • Bella dont drink that!!
  • Bella lets go to the bathroom
  • we need to report to the police!
  • you need to stop hanging out with Thom he tried to drug you or something
  • we need to make sure everyone knows about this!!
  • I didnt do anything to her drink!!
  • The party is over for now!!we will investigate.
  • everyone make sure to stay away from him he tried to drug Bella.