a good man is hard to find
Updated: 3/12/2020
a good man is hard to find

Storyboard Text

  • The Family is going on a trip to Florida, but the grandman doesn't agree with it because she knows about the Misfit which is a bad guy
  • On the way the sister and brother kept arguing, the grandma then brought up a fake story about a treasure and didn't stop talking about it so the dad took the idea and went down the road she talked about.
  • They then had an accident because the cat under the grandmas leg that she brought secretly jumped on the dads shoulder and made him crash so they were stuck for minute.
  • .....then the Misfit noticed the families car so he approached it, but the grandma knew who it was so she called it out and the Misfit and he told his partners to take the rest of the family to the woods.
  • The family part of the family that went to the woods got shot by the man and the grandma was the only one left
  • The grandma started to try to convince the Misfit that he was a good guy and told him he was like one of hers and he got triggered and shot her in the chest.