War Years
Updated: 11/4/2020
War Years

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  • Why do they haggle over everything? Why can’t they just pay the price that’s there?
  • Are you going to be the kind of person who always pays the asking price?Or the kind who fights to find out what something’s really worth?
  • Our men need our support and we need good citizens like yourself to contribute.
  • But you know how people talk
  • I wish I could help, Mrs. Hoa, but times are hard
  • I’m following Mrs. Hoa. You and Long run the market by yourselves for a few hours.
  • She knows where we work. I’ll bet she knows where we live. It’s only fair I know the same things, isn’t it?
  • And what, exactly, are you planning to do?
  • I work hard for my money. What do you do? You’re nothing but a thief and an extortionist, making people think they can still fight this war.
  • You heard her, didn’t you? She doesn’t support the cause. If she’s not a Communist, she’s just as bad as a Communist. If you shop here, you’re helping Communists.
  • I’m sorry to hear about your husband and your sons.
  • Whoever said my husband was dead? No one saw him die. No one saw my youngest son die, either. They’re alive, and no one like you is going to tell me otherwise.
  • While the clerks chatted in a language I could not understand, I hesitated, yearning to take everything home but unable to choose.
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