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Updated: 3/10/2020
Johnny story board
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  • The cops barged into Johnny´s house saying that he was arrested and that they are going to search the house. Johnny asked if they had a warrent and the cop said ¨we dont need one¨. This violates the 4th amendment.
  • Wait don´t you need a warrent ?
  • We dont need a warrent .
  • When Johnny asked for a jury he got declined. This violates his 6th amendment right to have a jury for trial.
  • I demand a a attourney !!
  • To Bad!!! You don`t get one.
  • Johnny is forced to testify for him self and if he dosent then he will be sent to jail. This violates our 5th amendment because this amendment protects us from self- incrimination.
  • If you dont testify for your self then you will go back to jail.
  • Oh, Jeez
  • Johnny was found not guilty but then the police came and arrested him again for the same charge, because they found more evidence. This violates our 5th amendment which protects us from double jeapordy.
  • What!!!!!!
  • Your going back to jail we found new evidence!!!
  • After finding new evidence they decide to take johnny back into court and find him guilty. The judge then sends him to 5 years in maximum security prison with a 1 million dollar bail. This violates our 8th admendment because the punishment has to fit the crime.
  • Since this is your first offense. Im sentencing you to 5 years in maximum security prison !!!
  • What !!!!!!!!!
  • I wish there was something to protect me from these abuses!!!
  • In terms without these amendments life would be really hard and unfair. Now Johnny has to be in prison for 5 years because he didn´t have these amendments .
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