Updated: 2/24/2021

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  • By Alí Núñez & Sara Medina4º MYP "D"
  • And thats it, have a nice Day!
  • Yes! And when she [the teacher] explained its [the braquets] functions I understood perfectly.
  • Exactly! So much easier!
  • Now I know how to use a parenthesis inside a parenthesis... Her (Anna [the tall girl]).
  • Today's class was really interesting wasn't it?
  • You're right! Like... When the water boiles, I say "Bye, you'll be mist [missed]"
  • And if you're telling someone a joke, you can explain it with the Square braquets.
  • Hahaha, hey, Lola asked me how to throw a space party, and i said "You planet! [plan it]"
  • Hey, I hate Russian dolls... they're so full of themselves! [They are literally full of themselves]
  • What do you call a guy who has a rubber toe? "Roberto! [Rubber toe]" HAHA
  • What did the Buffalo say when his son left? "Bison [Bye son]" HAHAHA
  • Oh yes, she [the teacher] said that it's also used to correct and add missing words
  • Exactly! or when some-one says "He love[s] driving" without the "s"
  • Remind me again, what was the other function?
  • That was it! Like when someone says "it's [a] good question" without the "a"
  • Bison!
  • That was fun, see you tomorrow!