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Updated: 11/21/2019
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  • I will go and try to get this guy for the police.
  • Greg McAdams was about ten. When one day he was getting ready for school. Trying to study and comb his light brown hair he wished that for once the spell from Harry Potter that made things move would work. So he used the spell to try and get the page to flip to continue studying. To his surprise it worked.
  • Now that he knows he can perform magic, he reads every magic book he can get his hands on. So he can try the spells out to know which ones work. When he finds one that does something he records what it does, how to say it, and what book he found it in.
  • Then one day in the newspaper there was a story about a guy who would just disappear into thin air. So he decided to go up against him because he knows magic too. But in the next line in the news paper it said that everyone thinks it's him because he seemed to disappear too.
  • Now that he is caught let me call the cops and turn him in.
  • When he travels long distances he always teleports to an abandoned place and then walks to his real destination, so he doesn't just appear in a crowded place. On the second day of traveling at night he was caught reading a newspaper, trying to find out where the bad guy is. A guy named Mack found him and tackled him since he was doing weird things but since Greg is only 5’ 7’’ he was no match for Mack.
  • One day he corners Hank. They have a wizard battle where Hank starts with a killing curse and Greg jumps out of the way while he casts a freezing curse. The next curse that flies is whatever is on top of their mind when a boils curse hits Greg straight in the face. He has to retreat a little and cure his face and then he casts a spell that makes his opponents wand fly out of his hand . After that he casts a spell to tie up Hank.
  • He then calls the cops they take him away because he is thought to be the bad guy. But during the court case he said that he could get the bad guy for the police and they let him do it and he was cleared of his ''crimes''.
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