Gun Laws. Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump: By Tanner Harrison
Updated: 11/7/2018
Gun Laws. Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump: By Tanner Harrison
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  • Gun Laws Debate. By Tanner H
  • Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton
  • What I think about Gun Laws
  • " Teachers who are well trained in schools should be allowed to have a gun during work for protection and safety of children" "I want to have to where young adults instead of 21 years old, you can be 18 to purchase your own gun and be allowed to have it on you whenever you want to"
  • " I will keep guns out of hands of domestic abusers and make stricter gun laws to prevent massacres" " I will close gun shows and gun auctions because they are harming the environment and people around us, and have stricter background checks"
  • What I think about Gun Laws
  • Ending gun shows and auctions wont do anything. It will cause more of a riot!
  • There are other weapons harming people other than guns!
  • You dont need to purchase weapons at a auction. You have to go to a gun STORE!
  • Guns are causing most massacres. That's why we need stricter gun laws!
  • All teachers should have a gun to keep themselves safe and the children safer.
  • If a teacher has a gun, students will think it will be okay to have a gun on them.
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