math final
Updated: 11/13/2020
math final

Storyboard Text

  • sure! what do you need help with?
  • hi Marcus. want to help me with my gum-ball collection?
  • well... i have a gum-ball collection of 225 gum-balls. and i want to eat 5 a day but i have to leave 20 behind to i don't get sick. how many days can i eat my gum-balls before getting sick?
  • wow! that's a big gum-ball collection! our fist step to answering this is to make a equation. the equation for this problem is 225-5x>20
  • you can eat 5 gum-balls a day before getting sick. but be carful and don't eat more.
  • no problem! those gum-balls sound great!
  • thank you Marcus! maybe i can give you my last 20 gum-balls when I'm don't eating the other ones!