Hernando De Soto

Updated: 9/3/2021
Hernando De Soto

Storyboard Text

  • At just the age of 14 Hernando De Soto traveled to the New World.
  • I only have a sword and a shield to my name!
  • They went to another village also to cause violence and let all of their horses and pigs eat their corn. Which they needed for the winter. But yet another village told them that they had no clue about any gold. The more places that they went the more people were dying from diseases that they brought over by accident.
  • Hernando De Soto with the other men going to find gold and fight Native's
  • Come on you useless bags of garbage get a move on this gold isn't going to find itself.
  • YES SIR!!!
  • We don't have any clue
  • The chief is dead!
  • They sailed back to Spain just to find out that the King had made him governor of Cuba.
  • What are those creatures doing to our food?
  • It is farther North.
  • Hernando De Soto died from a fever while traveling up the Mississippi. They never found the gold .