Updated: 2/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Just do as I say! This needs to be done. The peaseants deserve nothing.
  • Governor De Launay, I called you here to tell you I'm sending some 8,00 troops to Paris concerning the National Assembly. You'll need to stay on the lookout in case the citizens do anything crazy.
  • With all do respect your highness, won't this cause more trouble than it's worth? It is the 3rd Estate that needs support, after all. Why increase the tensions?
  • The situation at the National Assembly does not look good!
  • Oh Dear... Quick, come in!
  • We have to reinforce the Bastille, I see an inssurestion of sorts occuring in the near future.
  • Got it Governor. We'll get everything set up.
  • Down with tryanny! Down with oppression!
  • This is no way for the public to react! The Bastille is armed and protected! No one is making it past us!
  • Launay and his army surrendured to the crowd from Paris. The Parisians freed several prisioners as well as overtook the Bastille
  • An excellent choice for our new citizens army: Marquis de Lafayette!
  • Wow, great choice!