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Updated: 2/25/2021
Comic Strip

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  • Natural sources of CO2 in the atmosphere
  • Human sources of CO2 in the atomsphere
  • how increases in carbon dioxide affect the global temperature
  • Through the process of photosynthesis, plants pull in carbon dioxide from the air to produce food made from carbon to help the plant grow. Carbon moves from plants to animals. Through food chains, the carbon that is in plants moves to the animals that eat them. Animals that eat other animals get the carbon from food too.
  • Green house gases definition
  • Humans use combustion to burn fossil fuels to drive their cars or run their factories, which releases carbon into the atmosphere as CO2. Humans also add more CO2 to the atmosphere through deforestation, the process of cutting down trees, which are carbon sinks. When trees are removed from the environment, they are no longer able to take CO2 out of the atmosphere.
  • The green house effect and its impact on the climate.
  • As carbon dioxide increases global temperature rises This happens because carbon dioxide is hot.
  • Possible effects of climate change
  • Greenhouse gas is a certain gas in the atmosphere that blocks heat from escaping.
  • A greenhouse is a place where it keeps plants warm. A greenhouse keeps plants warm by trapping some heat inside. The main cause of global warming is that lots of people are increasing the use of the “greenhouse effect”. This warming effect traps the Earth's heat in the lower part of the atmosphere, the cloud of gases that surrounds Earth's surface.
  • 1. Earth would become warmer2. Glaciers would melt3. We would have more storms.