Usopp The Village Liar
Updated: 5/30/2020
Usopp The Village Liar
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  • Usopp The Village Liar
  • When will he quit the act?!
  • I am the great captain Usopp! Known by all throughout the seven seas!
  • The Garden
  • Is that you captain Usopp?!
  • Yes it is me Crytal! The great captain Usopp!
  • The Story
  • I will tell you about my encounter with a giant goldfish!
  • Wow you really saw a giant Goldfish!
  • Usopp is known as the village liar because he says that he is captain that trailed the seas and tells fake stories. The villagers are sick of his fake stories want him out of the village.
  • The Conflict
  • No I'm the Captain of the Usopp Pirates!
  • Is this true captain Usopp!
  • Crystal get away from him he is telling you lies!
  • Every day Usopp goes to a girl named Crystal's garden to tell her these fake stories to make her feel better because her parents past away.
  • Forgiveness
  • It's true I lied to you about traveling across the sea. Please Forgive me Crystal.
  • I forgive you but I don't want to see you ever again.
  • Every day is a new story from Usopp. Today he made up a story about encountering a giant goldfish in sea. Crystal enjoys these stories and they make her day.
  • Banishment
  • We shall celebrate this glorious day for the rest of our lives!
  • Today wasn't a normal day for them. Crystal's butler Ernest finds them together and is furious. So furious that he tells Crystal who Usopp really is.
  • Usopp is filled with regret and admits that he has been lying this whole time to Crystal and begs for forgiveness. He is forgiven by Crystal but she doesn't wish to see him ever again. Ernest the butler then plans to make sure that Usopp is banished from the village.
  • I will make sure that he is banished from the village Crystal!
  • The villagers finally got what they've wanted for a very long time. They watched Usopp slowly walk down the trail out the village with a trail of tears behind him. The villagers celebrated his banishment and Usopp was never seen again.
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