Unit 6 comic
Updated: 1/31/2020
Unit 6 comic
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  • Causes of the War - Economical Issues/The War Hawks
  • After James Madison was elected president, he made a new law that cut off trade with Britain and France completely and only allowed him to reopen it when he wished. The war hawks of congress came from the west and south and wanted to protect the U.S. reputation
  • Causes of the War - Tecumseh and William Henry Harrison
  • The Shawnee were intimidated by the U.S. and wanted to gain some land back, so they allied but they went into a fight and "lost." This made the Natives to ally with the British and go to war with the U.S.
  • Mr. Madison's War
  • In 1812, President Madison fell to the pressure and decided to go to war. The South and West agreed to this war, but the Northeast did not want to have another war. Also the U.S were no where near ready for war because of their lack of troops and equipment
  • I don't want to help
  • Paying for the War
  • The U.S were in a struggling position because the U.S lost their authorization to the bank and therefore had to lend money from private funders in the Northeast
  • Invasion of Canada
  • The U.S. planned to attack Canada from 3 points of interest. They planned to attack from Detroit, Niagara Falls, and the Hudson River. All three attacks ended up failing, forcing American commander, General William Hull, to surrender
  • Commodore Oliver Perry
  • A year later, a new man by the name of Commodore Oliver Perry managed to get through the British troops at lake Erie giving the U.S an advantageous spot to attack the British. They managed to recover Detroit in this skirmish as well.
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