6th grade

Updated: 5/20/2021
6th grade

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Kyle!
  • I need to decide if I'm going to wear my helmet or not.
  • Why do you have a helmet in your hand? Helmets aren't cool!
  • Hey James!
  • Determine the Decision
  • Should I wear it?
  • Or should I listen to Kyle and not wear it?
  • Your mom already dropped you off she wont know if you wear it or not!
  • Explore your options
  • If I wear my helmet kyle might make fun of me but I will stay safe.
  • If I don't wear my helmet I could get seriously hurt, but I would look cool
  • Consider pros and cons
  • My mom wants me to wear it so I'll stay safe! She's a positive influence
  • Kyle you're a bad influence on my health!
  • Helmets are lame!
  • Identify influences
  • Do what you want!
  • I'm going to wear my helmet
  • Decide and Act
  • I made the healthy decision and will keep my brain and body safe by wearing my helmet!
  • Evaluate Decision