alternative medicine 1
Updated: 3/2/2021
alternative medicine 1

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  • Iya, I'm home!
  • Mom! Come quick!
  • Mom, my stomach hurts so bad. I've tried pooping several times now, but it won't go away!
  • Oh no! What happened? Are you okay, honey?
  • I even applied Katinko Oil. It helped a bit, but after a few minutes, the pain will go back!
  • Based from the data the nurses had gathered, it seems that your daughter has UTI
  • dd
  • Oh no.. I can't afford that. I'm still very tight with money at the moment, and my salary isn't due until next week!
  • I shall prescribe an antibiotic. You can purchase this at the pharmacy down stairs. 
  • Fortunately, it is only mild. It's a good thing you noticed the symptoms and signs while it is still in the early stage.