Defense Mechanisms Bryant Li
Updated: 3/8/2021
Defense Mechanisms Bryant Li

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  • Freud's Defense Mechanisms
  • Repression
  • I'm not going near that water, it looks way too deep!
  • Denial
  • I can order some more cocktails, alcohol isn't bad for me, right?
  • Bryant Li, AP Psychology
  • Projection
  • My husband is always so irritated - it's not my problem!
  • Joe here suffered a nearly fatal incident as a toddler where he almost drowned in his swimming pool. Even though he does not recall the memory, his unconscious repression of said memory gives him a fear of lakes and rivers.
  • Displacement
  • How about I destress by lifting some weights today?
  • The person in the photo knows of the negative health effects of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, including high blood pressure and liver disease, but chooses to block out unpleasant thoughts to justify his actions.
  • Regression
  • Mom! Bring me my toys, I don't wanna get them myself!
  • This woman, who knows she has an anger management problem, projects her own flaws to her husband, who is perfectly fine, by attributing undesirable characteristics onto others to rid herself of a perceived burden.
  • Bob here, who has had a rough and stressful day at school, displaces his pent-up aggression at a less threatening recipient - physical activity at the gym, which may be cathartic for his current mood.
  • Kate here is regressing to an earlier stage of development - even though she is almost 4 years old, the stress of her parents' divorce causes her to act in an immature way, yelling at her mother to bring her toys instead of getting them herself.