mars ride 1

Updated: 4/14/2020
mars ride 1

Storyboard Description

this story is about a teen his name is tom when he is packing something he saw a strange space ship next to his bunker so his curiosity bring him to this rocket ship after he went on this rocket ship and the rocket ship to space and he saw a lit of new and beautiful things like stars and sun but the rocket doesn't look like it will stop,its been one day but the rocket is still flying though the space and suddenly the rocket stop flying and it lands on a new world that Tom has never seen before the technology and environment is way too different than earth until he herd "welcome to Mars ." and now he knows theres a whole new world for him to explore and live... to be continue......

Storyboard Text

  • i wonder where will this space ship take me
  • wow the space is cool but where will this ship take me??
  • wow is this mars or future?!