Unknown Story
Updated: 2/22/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • im in love with the shape of you!
  • Jeff, Curtis, Larry, and Bob are at an Ed Sheeran concert. Larry and Curtis are planning on kidnapping Ed to have private concerts. Jeff and Bob join in.
  • guys look an abandoned cabin!
  • Curtis throws a sack over Ed’s head, the group takes off in Larry’s plane and heads to Zimbabwe
  • Bob hijacks the plane causing them to crash on an unknown island
  • They find a place to stay. Larry and Curtis tell Bob and Jeff that they are planning on leaving with Ed in the morning.
  • Jeff and Bob are yelling at each other about not having enough time, Curtis and Larry overheard and got freaked out and left the room.
  • Larry and Curtis go down to Ed to give him a snack but he was found dead and they didn’t know who did it.