shu huangdi
Updated: 2/6/2021
shu huangdi

Storyboard Text

  • single written language:
  • yes indeed, it really helped us communicate with everyone easier!
  • has the new unified language been beneficial?
  • system of weights & measures:
  • haven't you heard?! There's a new uniform set of weight and measures now!
  • I've been carrying these bags of rice since morning thank god I got here on time. So now, are we going to follow the same procedure and use the metric to measure?
  • To start off, one of Shi Huangdi's first aspects of the life he standardized as a ruler in order to uniform China is by creating one single written language with standardized characters.
  • standardized transportation:
  • transportation in China is so tiring when are they going to take action and do something about it!
  • Guys listen up!! the government just established a standard length for axles of all vehicles!!
  • Furthermore, another standard that Shi Huangdi created to uniform China was to create a uniform set of weights and measures for use in trading. This became way more beneficial and easier for measuring anything including coins that were later used as China's currency.
  • the legal system of China:
  • I would strictly like to announce that we have promoted a legal system across China.
  • Likewise, the government, later on, saw it extremely needed to establish a standard length of axles of all vehicles. As a result, transporting and traveling became way more efficient due to all the carts' wheels being the same size.
  • Finally, Shi Huangdi, the emperor of the Qin dynasty, promoted a uniform legal system across China. This system of rules and laws was immensely strict on all Chinese people which benefited the government in making penalties for breaking a law towards citizens so severe. As a result, the empire grew tougher and stronger with complete control.
  • please have mercy
  • why so strict!!!
  • this is too much