A rice sandwich

Updated: 5/12/2020
A rice sandwich

Storyboard Text

  • Can you please let me eat at the canteen?
  • Why do you want to eat there?
  • If I ate at the canteen I would have less dishes to wash when I got home.
  • No Esperanza you cannot eat at the canteen.
  • In Esperanza’s school, the kids who lived far got to eat lunch in the canteen. Esperanza didnt live far or close, but she wanted to go to the canteen. She believed it to be a cool place. She it expected to be fun.
  • So one day she asked her mom if her mom could make her some food and write her a note, so that she could eat lunch in the canteen. She didn’t like walking home everyday to eat food.
  • Her mom said no at first. She said that if Esperanza wanted to do it, so would her siblings. Her mother didn’t want to have to make all of her kids food. But Esperanza told her mom that her sister went to her friends house so they could watch T.V. And her brothers would stay out and play.