A rice sandwich

Updated: 5/12/2020
A rice sandwich

Storyboard Text

  • Fine Esperanza, you can eat in the canteen.
  • Yay! Thank you.
  • Here’s your note and food, Esperanza. Enjoy your day at school.
  • Thank you!
  • You must go see sister superior.
  • Umm ok.
  • Esperanza continued to beg her mom to let her eat in the canteen. Her mom didn’t want to make Esperanza her food, but Esperanza said she could make it herself. After 3 days her mom finally agreed.
  • Here’s my note.
  • But you don’t live far. Show me where you live. That house right there. Isn’t that your house?
  • Esperanza’s mom and made her a rice sandwich because they didn’t have sandwich meat. She also wrote her a note that she would have to give to the nuns.
  • Umm yes. Yes. *starts crying*.
  • Isn’t this your house?
  • Don’t cry, don’t cry. Ok you can eat in the canteen, but only today. Not tomorrow or the day after that.
  • When lunch time came, the nun who supervised the kids in the canteen didn’t recognize Esperanza. Therefore, she didn’t accept her note and told her to go see sister superior.
  • This place is nothing special and everyone is staring at me : ( .
  • What is wrong with her? Why’s she crying?
  • When Esperanza arrived at sister superiors office, she gave her the note. Sister superior read it and said that she didn’t live far. Sister superior then pointed to an ugly house and asked Esperanza if that was her house.
  • Esperanza started crying and said yes, even though it wasn’t her house. Sister superior gave her a tissue. Esperanza was still crying, so sister superior apologized and told her to stop crying and told her that she could eat the canteen, but only for that one day.
  • Esperanza agreed and rushed out of her office. When she arrived at the canteen she saw that it wasn’t anything special. She cried as she ate her lunch and all the other kids watched as she ate her sandwich. Esperanza expected her experience at the canteen to be fun, but in reality it was embarrassing.