Updated: 2/13/2020
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  • Baptista: for goodness sake hortensio, how may times so I have to tell you, "I not allow Bianca to marry until Kate is married.Kate: this is ridiculous! scoweld Kate "well, I hope you're not excpecting me to marry one of these idiots. i'd rather die. infact if one of them was my husband, I would beat them around the head with a chair, twice a day. Hortensio: see Kate is such a horrible shrew, no one is ever going to marry her. Baptista: now, bianca goes back inside and get on with your studies. Bianca: yes, father. don't worry I don't mind studing, and waiting to get married.
  • Suitor: please Baptista, you can't lock Bianca away. at this rate she'll never get married. Baptista: she can get married after Kate is married, and that's final, so if anyone wants to help me find a wife for Kate please feel free.
  • petruchio, grumio! what brings you to pauda? how are you? Petruchio: i have inherited a house, so I thought I would take a trip and find a wife. Hortensio: well I have the perfect person
  • petruchio and grumio
  • Petruchio: I want to marry Kate. Baptista: Kate? you mean bianca? Petruchio: no I mean Kate. OK well meet her. Babtista well she is quiet the handful. petruchio: I want to marry her, I have a huge house we would be all set.
  • you are way more beautiful in person, Kate: shut up you donkey this is a joke. P: no its not, I am going to marry you. Kate: "slaps him in the face" P: aha she does love me, she stroked my face. kate: you are starting to annoy me, now get out. P: why thank you for letting me stay. by the way we are getting married sunday. kate: if your here on sunday I will kick you out myself. P: I know you are only joking. so its settled the wedding is sunday.
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