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Updated: 7/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Its morning, Athena! If you are so tired, stop spending all night reading books!
  • Athena, you are always reading books. You never visit the human world! But you can't go like that- Ew, your hair is disgusting. Here come to my salon. I will give you the cutest makeover ever!
  • Fine, but only if it gets you out of my hair. And no matchmaking! I will go to the human world to explore the natural wonders!
  • ha! Athena? Makeover? Nearly impossible!
  • Yeah, yeah. Well, thanks, Aphrodite. I am going to visit the square of, of course, Athens and learn more about the Agora and how it helps the economy. Also, i will examine the rates of how one's socioeconomic status affects their life.
  • Aphrodite, you are a miracle worker. I have never seen Athena with makeup on!
  • OMG! You look so cute! You know, your brown hair frames your blue eyes and skin complexion very beautifully. But eh, I'm prettier.
  • Uh, that's what you are doing? Buzzkill! I wasted a perfectly good makeover on you!
  • Oh hi there! I love the Oddysey. I knew Oddyseus! I mean, of course I don't know Oddyseus, I'm not a goddess or something, but I truly enjoy reading of Homer's fantastical stories.
  • Me too! Hey, want to go eat in the center and talk more about some books?
  • Hi! I just saw your book and wanted to let you know that it's one of my favorites too. Oh by the way, I'm Theo. But you don't seem to be from around here. 
  • Hmmm.. This is almost too good to be true. A scholar in a place where strength is valued? This must be the work of Aphrodite, or some other god. But that doesn't make sense- I can tell he is fully mortal. Gods.. Oh my goodness! Dad, Zeus will kill me when he finds out I am in the human world!
  • Yes! Definitely!
  • Hey um.. by the way, there is a grand party at the agora tomorrow night, and I was wondering if you would like to come with me.
  • ATHENA!!!!
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