feudalism cartoons
Updated: 2/1/2021
feudalism cartoons

Storyboard Description

japanese and europeans stuff

Storyboard Text

  • hello there these are my fellow knights and im lord eon,whats your name?
  • hello i am shiro and i am a samurai and this over here is second in command chief leo. nice too meet you.
  • this is were we stand and keep guard of the castle
  • those dont look like they stay very warm inside of them
  • these are the hoses we people live in and sometimes put some things.
  • this is a buddhist temple where we always pray and other cool things
  • what the heck is a buddhist?
  • this is the great wall of china,even thought im japanese i just thought i might as well take you here to this cool place
  • this is cool well thanks for taking me here now lets go back to my place because oi forgot to show you something.
  • cool we have something similar to this.
  • and this here is the king and queens thrones, ts were they sit most of the day but right now they are outside so their son or also the prince is sitting here on the throne.