Updated: 4/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Zeus, could I have some fire to give to the Men down below Olympia?
  • No Prometheus I will not let you give fire to those people they do not deserve it.
  • Hey Zeus, are you sure you cant even give me a spark? You know I care about people and there future.
  • NO! Prometheus I will not give you anything, never ask me again because there will be consequences.
  • Since he will not give me a spark, mine as well steal one from him, it is not like it will cause any harm.
  • Prometheus trying to convince Zeus to let him bring fire to the bottom of Olympia but Zeus denying because he does not like the men down there,
  • Hey guys, I brought you all some fire to keep you guys warm down here since I know Titans like Kronos need to be warm.
  • Prometheus asking again even though Zeus is not in the mood. Prometheus is trying to tell him how he worry's about the future ad what future the men will have with fire but Zeus gets mad.
  • What who in the world brought them Fire?! ......Prometheus
  • Prometheus going in Zeus's room and stealing a spark of fire from there.
  • You shall NEVER! come back to Olympia you silly fool. You will stay here for eternity
  • Prometheus then giving the men including Kronos fire and them being appreciated.
  • Thank you very much!
  • Zeus seeing fire at the bottom of the hill and realizing it was Prometheus.
  • Prometheus then getting caught and chained to the side of Olympia for the rest of eternity because Zeus is clearly very angry.
  • NOOO. I just wanted to help the men.