Day in the life of a King and a Queen

Updated: 3/26/2021
Day in the life of a King and a Queen

Storyboard Text

  • A day as a King/Queen
  • Today will be very productive as a King and a Queen.
  • Yeah!
  • Going to see Charlemagne
  • Let's go see Charlemagne
  • Nobles
  • Hello Nobles!
  • Today as a king and a queen we have to do many things. One of them is to go see the king Charlemagne!
  • Having the peasants/serfs world on land
  • Ok great!
  • The peasants and serfs will be working in the field today.
  • I need to speak with this king to have peace with him. Let';s go see him!
  • Our vassal
  • You will be our vassel from now on.
  • Our nobles are very nice and they are having a party in the ballroom. It was a fun time.
  • End of Day
  • Goodnight Honey!
  • Our peasants and serfs were being disrespectful so we made them work on land all day long. They learned to be respectful after today so they get a break tomorrow.
  • We let this vassal be our vassal for the day. He is a good vassal.
  • Thank you king.
  • Today was a long day with lots of things we had to do. As a king/queen we are very productive people.