The Lottery
Updated: 1/26/2020
The Lottery
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  • TThe Lottery
  • By: Emmanuel 9-2
  • The boys in the town start prepare stones in the corner of the town square, shortly after they finish people slowly begin to fill up the town square to begin the lottery.
  • It isn't fair, he didn't have enough time to drawn.
  • Shut up Tessie!
  • Once everyone seems to arrive a woman named Tessie Hutchinsons comes a little late, as she forgets the day and didn't realize the lottery was about to happen.
  • It's Tessie.
  • Every head of the family draws from the cities old black box, after everyone draws the winner is revealed which turns out to be Bill Hutchinsons, Tessie's husband.
  • Tessie tries to argue that the draw wasn't fair and that her husband, Bill didn't have enough time to draw and that this wasn't fair so they should draw again, eventually Bill tells her to shut up. And the Hutchinsons draw again.
  • Little Davy is the first to draw then Nancy, Bill Jr, Tessie and finally Bill. Nancy and Bill Jr. open theirs at the same time, they both start smiling and waving around their blank papers. Little Davy's paper is also blank and so is Bill's. Tessie refuses to show her paper to which Bill forces her and shows its Tessie.
  • Tessie and the villagers then go to an open area, everyone has their stones and Tessie is still talking about how it isn't fair then, suddenly a stone hits her in the side of the head and then the rest of the village comes upon her.
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