Updated: 7/21/2020
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  • First there were two sons and one of them was red.
  • Hi, my name is Esau.
  • And mine is Jacob
  • Esau was slightly older so he technically should have got the birthright. But Jacob tricked his father into giving him his blessing and therefore the birthright.
  • I'm getting old and my eyesight is off. Who are you?
  • Can I have the birthright
  • I'm Esau
  • O.k, have my blessing and birthright
  • Joseph's brothers then came to Egypt in search of food and Joseph spotted them. It took a long time for the brothers to recognize Joseph but when they did, they were in joy. So they went home and told dad the good news.
  • So Jacob got the birthright and the land and so he had 10 children. One of them being Joseph. Joseph's dad loved Joseph but his brothers hated his arrogance.
  • He's so cocky!!!
  • Hey, I'm Joseph. I'm amazing.
  • In fact, his brothers got so angry with Joseph being so cocky that they through him in a pit. When they returned, Joseph had gone so they told their father that he'd died.
  • Joseph has died.
  • We've got bad news...
  • What had happened is that Joseph had been taken to Egypt where he got thrown in prison (long story), predicted some dreams (another long story). And then had been taken out of prison by Pharaoh who made him Prime Minister of Egypt; Joseph was clever and solved Pharaoh's issue ( again.. too long of a story). Anyways, Joseph is now PM of Egypt.
  • I understand your dreams.
  • Ha! It's great to be back!
  • So good to see you. You look so different.
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