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China Reunification-Nicole Mejia
Updated: 1/17/2020
China Reunification-Nicole Mejia
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  • Charge!
  • China has been ruled by the Han Dynasty for approximately 206 BCE-220 CE. Until 184, the peasants started to attack everyone because they were frustrated for having less power than the government.
  • When Emperor Wendi established the Sui Dynasty which reunited China, until Yangdi was so greedy, the people started to rebel against him.
  • Emperor Li Yuan established the Tang Dynasty as the Sui Dynasty collapsed. He had taken control of Eastern China. Until 907, the 5 Dynasties period rises.
  • We Won!!
  • NOOOO!
  • The Song Dynasty took control in the South and called the 10 Kingdoms of period, ruled by Emperor Taizu. The population was getting stronger. But them the Jin Dynasty attacked them.
  • During the Tang Dynasty, they invented the Grand Canal that was useful for trade, and easier for trade routes.
  • During the Song Dynasty, Gunpowder and Crossbows in military technology became a huge success in wars.
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