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Updated: 9/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Arithmetic Density
  • Are population here in the metroplex is about 500,000 people
  • Are population in the whole county is about 30,000 people
  • The population in the woods is 2 people
  • The population in the city is about 1,000,000 people
  • Physiological Density
  • All 3 of us own this here farm!
  • We get our food from these farmers
  • Agricultural Density
  • I only own 1 acer of land for farming so all I need is one farmer!
  • I have 300,000 acres of land so I have 10000 people working on my farm
  • Arithmetic Density tells us the amount of people living in a certain area. This could be helpful because this density shows the growth rate through out the whole world which could help people who have a high population make sure that they are getting what they need which could be from water to food to the basic needs,
  • Physiological density means the number of people per unit of area of arable land.  This could be useful to geographers because it can give them a rough estimate of how much food is being produced in an area and how many people it really needs to feed.
  • Agricultural density tells us the number of farmers per unit area of farmland. This density is useful for recognizing trends in population growth, development and stability.