the necklace
Updated: 11/24/2020
the necklace

Storyboard Description

made by: melic kermagi

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Inciting Incident
  • Rising Action
  • Mathilda is not very fond of her social status. She really wants to be rich. She's not happy with the poor life that she has. She wants more than what she has at the moment.
  • Climax
  • Her husband gives her money to buy a dress but then she is still not satisfied until she gets a necklace from her friend. 
  • Falling action
  • Mr. Luisel had come home to his wife to inform her that he had gotten an invitation to a party. Mathilda didn't want to go because she did not have an appropriate dress to wear. Her husband had went to buy her a dress and borrow a diamond necklace from a friend.
  • Resolution
  • WHAT!?!
  • The diamond was actually fake. 
  • The party is over. Mathilda goes back home but as soon as she does she sees that they necklace has gone missing.
  • Mathilda and he husband are looking for a replacement. Luckily they found one but It had costed a lot. They had to work very hard for about ten years to buy that necklace.
  • Mathilda had finally paid off her debt for losing the necklace. Mathilda had changed during those ten years of working hard to earn the money back. One day she had saw her friend that had given her that necklace. Mathilda told her that she had lost the necklace but then she told her that the necklace was a fake.