Updated: 10/15/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Phase of the Original Encounter
  • Phase of Emerging Identities
  • Phase of Empathy
  • The patient is diagnosed with depression. The first task for the nurse is to get to know the patient by asking questions.
  • Phase of Sympathy
  • The nurse will try to get to know the patient deeper and establish a patient-nurse relationship.
  • Phase of Establishing Rapport
  • The nurse gets to know the patient better by listening to the patient's experiences and trying to understand the patient's thoughts.
  • Rapport is Established
  • The nurse encourages the patient to strive to be better and help encourage the patient towards recuperation.
  • Nursing interventions are implemented and the patient shows trust and confidence towards the nurse.
  • The nurse has successfully catered the patient's needs and alleviated the patient's condition and suffering