Finding Unit Rate
Updated: 5/18/2020
Finding Unit Rate

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  • It's pretty easy, you need to find the unit rate, I'll show you how.
  • Why is she eating so many noodles..
  • Hey, I have a question. If I bought 15 packs of noodles for $26.83, how much does one pack cost?
  • If you want to know how much is one noodle pack, you would first need to divide the $26.83 that you spent on NOODLES and divide it by 15.
  • Haha, yeah okay, what's next?
  • Then what you get from dividing the $26.83 *that you spent on noodles* by 15, is your answer.
  • Oh, okay, I think I got it now!
  • Thanks for helping me out, I'm gonna go solve my problem, and buy less noodles next time.
  • No problem, have fun! And next time, don't spend your money on noodles.
  • If you bought 15 packs of noodles for $26.83, how much would it cost to buy one pack?
  • By: Noa ShteimanGrade: 7th
  • I got it! It would cost me $1.79 (rounded to nearest hundredth) to buy one pack of noodles! Next time I'll buy less noodles...