American Born Chinese

Updated: 5/20/2020
American Born Chinese

Storyboard Text

  • I sat on my bed that night with anger still fuming inside of me.
  • How dare Jin do that to me. And after EVERYTHING i've helped him with.
  • Betrayed. I felt betrayed.
  • What Jin said hurt. I am NOT an F.O.B and I AM worthy of Suzy.
  • I couldn't sleep at all so I paced around my room hoping it would clear my mind.
  • It didn't. I sat on my bed and felt a tear run down my face.
  • I put my hand on my chest. My heart felt like it broke into a million different pieces
  • I felt my emotions switching back and forth.
  • One second I was sad and the next, all I wanted to do was punch Jin again, and harder this time.
  • Why did I ever think Jin was a good person..