Government comic strip.
Updated: 2/10/2020
Government comic strip.

Storyboard Text

  • When the state government, and federal government collects taxes it provides money to fund my school and gives me the best education I can get. This is a concurrent power.
  • When the state government establishes emergency services it provides me with comfort because I know that if I need help somebody will be there. This is a reserved power.
  • When the federal goverment establishes post offices near me I can get my mail even faster. This is an implied/ expressed power.
  • If the state government didn't issue a driver's license I wouldn't be able to get to school. This is a reserved power.
  • When the federal government prints money it allows me to buy my favorite candy. This is an expressed/ implied power
  • If the state government and the federal government didn't establish courts I wouldn't have the right to a fair trial and would go right to jail. This is a concurrent power.