Updated: 12/1/2019

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  • Hi Carla, how have you been? I haven't seen you for quite some time
  • Well Carlos, I am working in a multinational and was not in the country.
  • How wonderful! Tell me where you were working.
  • Sounds interesting tell me a little
  • I was in London, it was a fantastic experience I could know many places, I wantto go back !!
  • Go, let's go for a coffee and I'll tell youon the way
  • I married a man I met and we have 2 children, Luisa and Camilo
  • That is incredible
  • I met Big Ben and if it's like movies it's fantastic.
  • So, it was love at first sight?
  • When I met my husband I was working in France and he was a client
  • It was, without a doubt
  • We are together since 2017
  • My wedding was in France in the place where we met
  • How long have you been together?
  • Thank you for this conversation, it was a spectacular afternoon while we were talking
  • It's fantastic, I'm glad for you and your family