Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Lombard Street, San Francisco.Two neighbors from different social classes.
  • At the Adoption Centre.Mary has twins, but one of them is given up for adoption. She can't feed them.
  • Nick has had an accidentYour best friend needs an urgent blood transfusion!!
  • Jason
  • I`ll be there right now!
  • Nick's mum
  • At the new family's house.A new family adopts the child. They are excited.
  • They are brothers!
  • ?
  • In the neighborhood.Nick and Jason are neighbors and best friends forever. They are always together.
  • One day, Nick's mum calls Jason. Nick has had an accident, and he is probably going to die, so you can come to say goodbye to your friend.
  • At the hospital.The surgeon has to transfuse blood to Nick, but the donor is 100% compatible!! but the donor is....JASON!