Lamb to the slaughter 3
Updated: 3/30/2021
Lamb to the slaughter 3

Storyboard Text

  • Do you know of anything in the house that could’ve been used as the weapon? Would you mind having a look around to see if anything was missing-a very big spanner, for example, or a heavy metal vase.
  • They didn’t have any heavy metal vases, she said.
  • Why don’t you have one yourself, You must be awfully tired. Please do. You’ve been very good to me.
  • Well, It’s not strictly allowed, but I might take just a drop to keep me going.
  • Look, Mrs. Maloney. You know that oven of yours is still on, and the meat still inside.
  • Oh dear me! So it is!I better turn it off for you, hadn’t I?Will you do that, Jack. Thank you so much.
  • A detective came to ask her a question. after the detective got the answer, the search went on.
  • We can try, Mrs. Maloney.
  • Would you do me a small favor-you and these others?
  • The next time Lack walked by Mary asked Jack to have a drink, Jack took the offer to keep him going.
  • She wants us to finish it. She said so. Be doing her a favor.
  • Jack wandered into the kitchen, and he saw the oven on and there is meat inside so he call Mary.
  • *giggles*
  • When the sergeant returned the second time Mary asked for a favor, Jack refused it but she begged. Jack accepted because they were all hungry.
  • They all talked about the investigation.
  • Personally, I think it’s right here on the premises.
  • Okay then. Give me some more
  • Mary was in the other room and she began to giggle because her only evidence of killing Patrick is gone.