Updated: 5/26/2021

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  • Y'all the ones who called about the fire?
  • Paul Fisher and his family move to Tangerine, Florida. While his father and older brother Erik are out and about looking at a football stadium. Paul and his mother discover that there is a muck fire close by. Mrs.Fisher is not happy about his newfound information she acquired thanks to volunteer fireman Wayne
  • Paul and Mrs. Fisher go to Paul's new school to see it only to find that is not what it seems. Mrs. Fisher also tells Mrs. Gates that Paul is legally blind, which Paul is upset about because he can see just fine. Paul goes to his first day of school the next day.
  • While Paul is wondering, he meets a boy named Joey Castello. He learned that Joey has a brother, Mike Castello who is a part of the football team. Joey and Mike become good friends and good team mates.
  • During football practice, Mike gets stuck by lightning. The lightning kills Mike and Joey cries. Erik and Arthur make a joke about Joey trying to take us his shoes.
  • Paul gets kicked off the soccer team for being visually impaired. He is offered to be the team manager but he doesn't except the offer.
  • Paul Joey get called down to the front office. Paul rats out the people at Tangerine Middle school for vandalizing an attraction at the fair. While walking back, Paul and Joey see a sink hole appear. They try to help people out. Half of the school gets sunk.