Updated: 10/28/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Beggars of the manor :Frame one
  • I have taking a liking to you
  • Beggars of the manor :Frame two
  • Telemachus I have turned your father Odysseus into a beggar to execute a plan so your father can take back his kingdom
  • TO be my next husband you shall shoot the bow of my late husbands bow and arrow
  • The Test of the bow :Frame One
  • The Test of the bow :Frame two
  • I shall never move the bed it is stuck to the ground
  • Penelope's Test:Frame One
  • If your really Odysseus you have to pass a test , the question is can you move our bed
  • Come here darling
  • Penelope's Test:Frame Two
  • You truly are Odysseus