Odysseus Project
Updated: 5/11/2020
Odysseus Project

Storyboard Text

  • "He gave me a sack, binding inside the winds that howl from every quarter" (Book X, 156).
  • "Hurry, let’s see what loot is in that sack, how much gold and silver. Break it open—now!" (Book X,157)
  • "We reached the Aeaean island next, the home of Circe the nymph with lovely braids"(Book X, 159).
  • Circe "struck her wand, [and] drove them into her pigsties" they all turned into swine (Book X, 162).
  • Circe promised not to harm again and so "at least, I mounted Circe's gorgeous bed" (Book X, 166).
  • As I went to save them "Hermes god of the golden wand crossed my path" and helped me to overcome Circe's powers by giving me a potent drug thats "power alone will shield me from the fatal day" (Book X, 164)
  • Circe told me in order to get home safely I should go "down to the House of Death" to talk to Tiresias (Book X, 173).