Updated: 3/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Meanwhile in Funeralcare, two Gracious Geniuses have a problem
  • Problem Solved!
  • At deploy time...
  • "I've written this supercool lambda thing to solve all Guardian's export problems. BUT I need to deploy this, can you help Mr. Platform?
  • Later in the Pilcrow...
  • "No problems, you write a job to build the code and stick it in S3 and I'll add the infrastructure to the monolith Terraform project for everything in FNC"
  • 2 months later....
  • "Okay code job to jenkins job to copy to S3.. update Terraform values and deploy to environments please"
  • General confusion!
  • "A job well done!"
  • "The deploy of the export lambda has gone wrong!"
  • "You have to re-deploy the Terraform using a different job to complete the deployment?"