blah 2
Updated: 3/11/2020
blah 2

Storyboard Text

  • They consult the Principal Engineer...
  • Call to action!
  • They consult the Oracle of Lambda in Membership (Paul D'Ambra)
  • "Decoupled architecture... blah... microservices... blah deployment artifact... blah... continuous delivery"
  • Back in Funeralcare...
  • "We need to have atomic releases of lambdas, which we could write ourselves... but there must be a solution already out there"
  • A suggestion!
  • "Event sourcing... blah... microservices... blah......Actually have you had a look at Serverless Framework and AWS SAM?"
  • Investigation begins
  • "We need to look at XYZ project that needs a new API"
  • "This is an ideal chance to look at Serverless and AWS SAM, as we'll need a lambda. They also support creation of API Gateways which we'll also need"
  • "How would we do this in Serverless? How does that compare to AWS SAM?"