The Cay Storyboard
Updated: 5/19/2020
The Cay Storyboard
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  • Phillip had fell off the boat from timber hitting him in the head, making him blind. He had met this African man named Timothy which he didn't know the look of. They sailed on this raft to a deserted island where they set up on and talked about stories and became great friends.
  • During their great times, Timothy surprised Phillip with ropes built for Phillip to travel along the island. This showed how they cared for each other and didn't want the other to go. The had spent days on the island and were great friends and always cared for each other and wanted to keep each other alive.
  • The sky had got darker and Timothy and Phillip suspected a storm and tied their things to a tree. Timothy stayed in front of Phillip as the storm came to protect him. The storm was very strong and when it ended, Timothy was hurt but Phillip was fine from the protection. This had showed how much Timothy cared for Phillip and what he would do to save him.
  • After the storm, Timothy became sick with malaria. Phillip tried his best to help him and used many different ways and nothing would work. Timothy would lay there while he would try to comfort Phillip and say how much they cared for each other. Timothy had passed away minutes later and Phillip was left with Timothy's cat named Stew Cat. Phillip and Stew Cat would comfort each other while they would wait for help.
  • Phillip had soon been rescued and brought back to Curacao. He had got many surgeries which resulted in his sight being returned. He reunited with his family and told them about his time with Timothy and how good of friends they were. Phillip would always remember Timothy of how happy they were together.
  • Phillip would talk to African kids in Curacao about Timothy and they would say they knew about the man too. He would socialize with them about the stories of him. He would say to them about his experience with Timothy. Phillip would always remember Timothy as an important man in his life.
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