Updated: 2/14/2020

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  • I thought you were dead since a long tim
  • We started talking to the mummy.
  • How could it? If I have barely spent 700 years. My father lived 1000 years.
  • I must tell you that I am very surprised and mortified by your behavior towards me.
  • We continue talking with the mummy.
  • I understand that bitumen could be used to embalm. Is true?
  • No, it only exempt us from the practice of removing the brain and entrails.
  • In my time, mercury dichloride was almost exclusively used for embalming.
  • I thought the beetle was one of the Egyptian gods.
  • We had many doubts and we asked the mummy.
  • Your people could calculate eclipses?
  • What are 5 human hours out of slime?
  • What do you think of creation? On the origin of the human race.
  • Yes, but you had to consult Ptolemy and Plutarch.
  • What do you think of our railways?
  • Even I asked the mummy something.
  • They are somewhat weak, poorly conceived and awkwardly performed
  • I left the house of my friend Dr. Ponnonner and arrived at my house at night and went to sleep.
  • zz
  • zzz
  • At night I had a crazy idea.
  • I am bitterly tired of this life and the nineteenth century in general.
  • I am thinking of going to Ponnonner's house and asking to be embalmed for a couple of hundred years.