Parts of a Computer
Updated: 12/1/2020
Parts of a Computer

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • Good morning class! Today we will be learning about the input, output and storage of a computer.
  • The Keyboard
  • Can anybody tell me what the Keyboard of the computer does and how it is categorized?
  • The Mouse
  • Can anybody tell me what the mouse is and how it is categorized?
  • I know! the mouse is an input device just like the keyboard!
  • Input: Used to enter information into the computer Output: Used to see information the computer has processedStorage: Used to store processed information for later
  • The Output Devices
  • Can anyone explain to me the category that the speaker and the printer fall under, as well as what they do?
  • The keyboard is made of several small buttons called keys. Each key corresponds to a particular letter, number or symbol. The Keyboard is considered an input device.
  • The CPU
  • Does anyone know what the CPU is?
  • The mouse is an input device that controls the pointer on the screen and allows item to be clicked on.
  • Storage and the Cloud
  • Here is a little bonus devices, such as the cloud can be used to store massive amounts of information to save for later.
  • The printer and the speaker are both output devices. The printer prints what you see on the monitor onto paper.
  • Sure! I know that the speaker projects sounds created by the computer
  • The CPU is the most powerful processing unit in the computer. Processing happens when data is input then output.
  • Its the brain of the computer!
  • Storage devices are used to save information for later.
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